Aurora CLI

Using Aurora, you don't need to manually create or delete your app components.

You can simply use the Aurora CLI program.

To see a list of all available CLI commands run:

(venv) python3 -m manage --help

The general syntax is:

(venv) python3 -m manage COMMAND

For windows users use py instead of python3 for all CLI commands in this documentation.

Here is a table of all available commands and a description about what they can do:

Command Description
create-app Creates a new app if not exist with some default components.
delete-app Deletes an existing app and all its components.
create-controller Creates a controller blueprint if not exists for an existing app.
delete-controller Deletes an existing controller for an existing app.
create-view Creates a view blueprint if not exists for an existing app.
delete-view Deletes an existing view for an existing app.
create-form Creates a form blueprint if not exists for an existing app.
delete-form Deletes an existing form for an existing app.
create-model Creates a model blueprint if not exists.
delete-model Deletes an existing model.
check-db Checks the models and database for errors and changes.
init-db Initializes the database for the first time if not initialized already.
migrate-db Migrates the model changes to the database.
repair-db Is used for renaming the existing model columns.
reset-db Is used for resetting the database, based on the current models.


We will fully discuss all of these commands and how to use them at the following of this documentation.

Important Note!

Aurora CLI commands are only available in development (DEVELOPMENT = True).